April 6, 2016

House Build Progress Photos April

Landscape design is my current focus; we're not out of the decision-making woods yet.

Chicken sconces to welcome you in.
Dutch door front door was a must-have-wish-list item from day one.

His Office in wind chime green.

The Kitchen turned out larger than I imagined.

East-facing, neighborhood-facing, lawn-facing sink.

Spiral stair up to guest room.

Living and dining area (or if J gets his way: living and billiards area).

Wood burning fireplace.

First floor Master Bedroom.

First floor Master Bathroom.

Master shower porcelain tile.

Contemporary stair detail.

Upstairs Bathroom also porcelain tile.

Upstairs Bathroom waiting on floating sinks.

Upstairs shower.

Upstairs Guest shower porcelain tile.

Guest bathroom. Lots of fun sloping ceilings upstairs.

Back downstairs, the Powder room.

Powder room exterior.

Side door.

Our 'Lane'.