November 28, 2016

20-weeks, halfway, pregnancy #2

Favorite tips for all trimesters:

FAT is your pregnancy friend. 
(Whipped) cream and butter, avocados, olives and their oil, coconut everything, egg yolk...

You are a client not a patient. Pregnancy is not a medical condition; find HIGH-QUALITY care and support that treats you right.

- Midwife - She is your everything.
- Acupuncturist - Keep the energy channels flowing, receive overall wellness assessment (you may even find one to function as you primary care provider, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, in the future.)
- Chiropractor - Get your endocrine system on point and your mama-body perfectly aligned for delivery. Will also ensure baby is in position.
- Masseuse - A great massage is always a good idea.

Natural body care only, please.

- Honey for skin and hair.
- Coconut milk and castille soap shampoo. 
- Apple cider vinegar hair rinse. And drink 1TBSP a day too.
- Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for teeth. Coconut Oil pulling/mouth swishing. 
- Coconut oil and Shea butter all over.
- SpaRitual nail polish.

Other than that - enjoy!!

And take lots of cute pictures to lift your spirits and to see how you look - probably way better than you feel.

Bonus points for waiting until birth to find out the sex of the baby

This allows for months of bonding with bébé in utero without any preconceived notions, attachments, or projections. It also makes pregnancy more spiritual and less about shopping. This simple decision will align your principals and priorities, keep you present, and allow you to experience life's greatest miracle and mystery. Which brings me to one last point, do you really need that Ultrasound? ...