October 14, 2018

may your sight be auspicious

Augury is the practice from ancient Roman religion of interpreting omens from the observed flight of birds (aves). When the individual, known as the augur, interpreted these signs, it is referred to as "taking the auspices".

May your future be promising, may your present be rosy.  May today be felicitous.

October 10, 2018


Colder, bleaker days? Give yourself permission to hibernate, hole up, escape, withdraw, retreat, cocoon. 

October 6, 2018

I have joined the rEVolution, you can too

Thus far, the most intriguing aspect of owning our new electric vehicle (impressive, life-changing, unbelievable, sublime ...) has been the attitudes of others. I am stunned by the onslaught of assumption and assessment from people who have never personally purchased, occupied, tried or even been inside of an electric car. They pronounce their opinions with such authority and passion I am astonished they have NO real first-hand experience.

How quick are we to believe what we hear? Do we confuse reading about or googling something with actually doing it? Why do we enjoy being naysayers? What makes us so threatened by innovation? Do we naturally block transformation? Why, why, why do we resist onward-moving, forward-thinking, revolutionary ideas that preserve our way of life and the planet ???

This being said, there are also equal numbers of fellow humans intrigued, interested, open and excited.

Not the first, nor the last - but another zero emissions ultraist household is here.

October 3, 2018

darkness begins to encircle us

"Darkness begins to encircle us."
"For our ancestors, autumn preparations were not a conscious political, environmental, and spiritual choice, necessarily ... but rather a necessity of life." -Amanda Blake Soule, The Rhythm of Family

"[Autumn] is the time of year of taking in the gifts of summer's work and warmth and making into something to last us through the long dark winter. This image of carrying light and warmth through the darkness will permeate all of our [days] ahead this fall. Autumn is a time of seeking the light within us, nurturing it, sustaining us through any and all dark times."  -Ms. Lisa, my daughter's Marigold Kindergarten teacher

October 1, 2018


Do you have all your halloween affairs in order? Costumes should be comfortable, layer-able, collectible, and preferably either spooky or at least festive fall color scheme; semi-classic.

At our home, Mummy collects costumes throughout the year so that quality and cute can be taken into consideration without the clock ticking. The children use this arsenal for dress-up in all seasons. The true holiday attire (witch hats, cat ears, monster masks...) is then added to the trunk and rack for the duration of October or kept in the living room to prolong the fun and involve visitors, too. The little trick-or-treaters/party-goers can then pick the-day-of what they are feeling as they are already comfortable and accustomed to their guise.

If yours-truly has her heart set on a certain ensemble, I save it for the day of, betting quite predictably they will pick the new arrival. We are also known to run about in varied partial costumes (accessories) the whole week-of as well. What are you being for Halloween? Anything, everything!

All of this beats the stress of hunting and never finding and/or succumbing to purchasing the pure crap many are selling. By October 1, we have finished our Fall foraging.