September 13, 2017

you are not stressed

You are stressing. 

Stressed is not a state-of-being. Stress does not magically happen to us. Stress is something we do. It is a controlled (albeit fairly subconscious) reaction that - yes - we can change.

Drop your shoulders, unclench your jaw, wiggle your fingers and toes, breath deeply, smile, maybe even laugh? Fake it at first! Then, eventually, take more walks, get fresh air, commune with nature, meet up with a friend, absorb yourself in a favorite hobby etc. etc

Most importantly, stop saying you're "stressed"!

September 7, 2017

babies don't do yoga

Babies ARE yoga.

Free of preconceived notions, one with the Universe, ever-present, pure LOVE... can we teach children yoga? NO. We can learn yoga from them.

July 31, 2017

big boobs and rubber suckers

Breastfeeding moms often retain weight until baby is weaned (and then drop said weight that freeing day!) Give your baby gorgeous rolls, and yes, you may acquire one -or two- yourself. Nature is no dummy; her designs, like you holding onto a few pounds, are for your own good and for the sake of your offspring. Trust.

On the airplane. Though it may feel like servitude, there is truly no easier and better way to nourish bébé.

Also, my first was not a paci-girl, but the second needs extra suckling. I highly recommend looking into RUBBER pacifiers. Far better than silicon or other... you'll see, give it a suck for yourself.

Natursutten also looks so cute and vintage!

For the record, I still think the thumb should be first choice. 

July 28, 2017

Sorry, Coffee > Mama Body

To the coffee shop we go!

What did I do differently this second pregnancy and postpartum?  Many things, of course - I live in a different climate, am a homeowner and a mother to a 4-year old. Time has also passed. But there was something else that I couldn't quite put my finger on -- oh yes, my daily cup of jo...

Round one, playing it by the book - low caffeine.

Our adrenal glands govern our stress response, by secreting hormones relative to our stress levels. They actually help control many hormonal cycles and functions in our body. When the adrenal glands are overworked, the body prepares for disaster, by storing fat and calories.

When we have longterm stress, both insulin and cortisol remain elevated in the blood, and the extra glucose is stored as fat–mostly in the abdomen.
-Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP
Coffee stimulates the adrenal glands, which means that every time you drink coffee, you're activating the body's fight-or-flight response. But, instead of releasing adrenaline so the body can react to a true stressor, the adrenals are releasing this hormone in response to your coffee consumption.
How about skin aging and wrinkling? Caffeine dehydrates the body and elevates cortisol levels. This leads to dehydrated skin and premature wrinkling.
Coffee is not a health beverage and this is a truth that we, especially women, do not want to face if we love it as part of our ritual. We aim to convince ourselves there are health benefits (yes, I've heard it all, too) in this habit, but that is justification for an addiction.

Fat in the abdominal area, premature wrinkling - check and check. Quitting coffee as a regular user - also, check.
HIGH ENERGY is of utmost importance when caring for bébés!!!
As for the wrinkles? Some of us just love the sun (and smiling).

Also, give yourself ONE YEAR ... these photos are taken one year postpartum first babe. 

April 17, 2017

GIVE to New MOMmy rather than New Baby

Although I preach less-is-more and all-you-need-is-love I do realize you likely do not wish to show up to showers and so forth empty handed ...

I am not one to always follow this advice, and do have a soft spot those impractical items that all of us cannot resist (newborn knit bunny hats!), but this is what new mommies really want and NEED:

1. 4th Trimester / Postpartum Items :
Basically, anything from the lady section in the grocery/pharmacy...

 'Recovery' Bath Soaks and Salts
Earth Mama Angel Baby products 
Mama Teas (milk and uterus)
Cute hot/cold packs 

After birth:
Food basket

If you know her well:
Real underwear, nursing bras, nightgowns, a robe!
Pretty light scarves as nursing covers, stroller covers etc.

2. Thank You Note Set
Small extra special cards that speak for themselves so mama doesn't have to write much.

3. Books
If you had any go-to's, these will save her soul from the wrath of the internet!!

Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives Deepak Chopra
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding or similar
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer Tracy Hogg
Bringing up Bébé Pamela Druckerman
The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Childcare Morell and Cowan

Your favorite baby books are also always appreciated and usually loved for a very long time ...

4. Siblings
Bring a little something for an older child or hand your gift to that child for 'their baby'.

April 10, 2017

nesting, naturally

Nesting - the instinct to ready your space for new baby - should be all about cleansing and removing, not about adding and complicating. Go with your gut and protect yourself from acquiring more when waiting for bébé. Hormonal, excited and perhaps a little afraid you are a marketer's dream target. Try your best not to shop and find creative ways to divert superfluous gift giving: ask for books or bare essentials like diapers and immediately donate or pass along overflow before it even makes it into your 'shelter'. Excess will only have you swimming upstream! Instead, go with the flow and follow these no-shopping nesting rituals (click). Basically, nothing will feel as good as clearing out, decluttering, and simply cleaning.

March 23, 2017

big and round

Rounding into the final weeks of pregnancy is certainly bittersweet. Only a little longer as a family of three, final times with just my 4-year old sidekick and I, and perhaps the last days as a glorious pregnant woman? Perhaps! 

My thoughts on pregnancy are simple :
1. Be present.
2. What a privilege!

March 20, 2017

a house becomes a home

As we enter into the fourth season in our fresh abode it gradually begins to feel like a home, yet it certainly isn't anywhere near ready for it's interior photo shoot - but, is a home ever finished? Of course not! Here's to evolving and making progress.

November 28, 2016

20-weeks, halfway, pregnancy #2

Favorite tips for all trimesters:

FAT is your pregnancy friend. 
(Whipped) cream and butter, avocados, olives and their oil, coconut everything, egg yolk...

You are a client not a patient. Pregnancy is not a medical condition; find HIGH-QUALITY care and support that treats you right.

- Midwife - She is your everything.
- Acupuncturist - Keep the energy channels flowing, receive overall wellness assessment (you may even find one to function as you primary care provider, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, in the future.)
- Chiropractor - Get your endocrine system on point and your mama-body perfectly aligned for delivery. Will also ensure baby is in position.
- Masseuse - A great massage is always a good idea.

Natural body care only, please.

- Honey for skin and hair.
- Coconut milk and castille soap shampoo. 
- Apple cider vinegar hair rinse. And drink 1TBSP a day too.
- Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for teeth. Coconut Oil pulling/mouth swishing. 
- Coconut oil and Shea butter all over.
- SpaRitual nail polish.

Other than that - enjoy!!

And take lots of cute pictures to lift your spirits and to see how you look - probably way better than you feel.

Bonus points for waiting until birth to find out the sex of the baby

This allows for months of bonding with bébé in utero without any preconceived notions, attachments, or projections. It also makes pregnancy more spiritual and less about shopping. This simple decision will align your principals and priorities, keep you present, and allow you to experience life's greatest miracle and mystery. Which brings me to one last point, do you really need that Ultrasound? ...

June 25, 2016

calm mama happy baby

Children are pretty well programmed by age five; the rest of their life experienced is determined largely by what happens in these early years... 

Stress lies in the discrepancy between what you believe you should feel and what you actually feel... The reflection of your thoughts, mood, and behavior will show up with laser like precision in the mirror image of your child... When you live in your own center, you teach your child to live in her center, too... 
- calm mama happy baby

June 14, 2016

How you do one thing is how you do every thing.

And thinking of doing something and actually doing it are not the same thing.

June 10, 2016