December 30, 2011

tread lightly

The Daily Doodle: Back from skiing, but have not yet 'landed.'

1. Top of Telluride 2. and 3. Road trip through Durango to 4. and 5. Powder day at Wolf Creek and 6. Pagosa Hot Springs- What a soak!

December 16, 2011

gone skiing and worldview

The Daily Doodle: Off to Colorado! See you in two weeks, or if I can get my hands on a computer, maybe a little sooner. Sometimes I draw incessantly on vacation and other-times not at all. 

"Take a good look in the mirror, and consider this: the body you inhabit today is the outgrowth of your worldview and the choices that flow from them. If you want to transform your body, you must change your worldview. Once you summon the courage to question everything around you and begin to see the world with your own unblinking eyes, you will experience a great awakening." –- Natalia Rose,

December 14, 2011

pack your stuff, free your self

The Daily Doodle: Pack in advance, plan party outfits in advance, outline menus in advance, set the table in advance... do everything possible in advance! I give myself three days minimum to start packing. This allows me the opportunity to lay out outfits – accessories and underwear included, edit, re-edit, determine the proper stowage, and make sure the house is spick-and-span before departure. In fact, packing is the perfect occasion to go over your closet with a fine-tooth comb. Try-on what you are taking and everything else! Early-birds also do laundry loads, have piece-of-mind, leave time to aid family members, and are tranquil during travel. Hopefully you have already shopped and wrapped in advance (aka months ago.) Don't forget to pack those packages!

December 12, 2011

lululemon will keep me warm

The Daily Doodle: Been busy with commissioned work, holiday parties, upcoming travels, living healthy, and, most importantly, keeping up with Lululemon's special editions! Haha. But really, I find Lulu always has the best swag come November/December, so if you are in need of active, or as in my case, semi-active, tops and bottoms that you, or whoever is on the other end of your Holiday list, will practically live in – get thee to a Lululemon. 

December 6, 2011

free to smoke a tree this holiday

The Daily Doodle: Merry-juana! I may not partake in, but am all for, that which is natural and organic (and keeps us away from pharmaceuticals!)

December 5, 2011

Cat Eye Sunnies under the tree

The Daily Doodle: Kourtney Kardashian in her cat eye sunglasses. I ruefully dabble in the show for the sake of its forward thinking fashion.

I'm dreaming of a nude Christmas

The Daily Doodle: Such pretty style. I love nude, I adore Nicole's look, I'm into the low pony, silver eyes, barely there lip, peach blush, plethora of rings and bracelets... the whole nine yards. Albeit, not a recent photo, this nude approach always feels fresh and is a wonderful option while playing dress-up this winter! 
To immortalize in doodle form one of your own favorite looks e-mail a photo (or more) to

December 4, 2011

Holiday gift list, check!

The Daily Doodle: Personalized doodles make awesome gifts! I am taking orders until December 7th. Allow for a seven day turn-around and three days for edits, and you will have your doodle no later than December 17th. 
Contact me at with your orders (or to brainstorm an idea together.) See the "Special Orders" tabs at the top of the homepage for inspiration and information. E-mail me with any further questions.

December 2, 2011

this baywatcher welcomes December

The Daily Doodle: I know it's a day (or two) late, but these photos are from a December 1st walk on the beach, so, Hello December! What is your end-of-year intention?