December 14, 2011

pack your stuff, free your self

The Daily Doodle: Pack in advance, plan party outfits in advance, outline menus in advance, set the table in advance... do everything possible in advance! I give myself three days minimum to start packing. This allows me the opportunity to lay out outfits – accessories and underwear included, edit, re-edit, determine the proper stowage, and make sure the house is spick-and-span before departure. In fact, packing is the perfect occasion to go over your closet with a fine-tooth comb. Try-on what you are taking and everything else! Early-birds also do laundry loads, have piece-of-mind, leave time to aid family members, and are tranquil during travel. Hopefully you have already shopped and wrapped in advance (aka months ago.) Don't forget to pack those packages!

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