September 13, 2017

you are not stressed

You are stressing. 

Stressed is not a state-of-being. Stress does not magically happen to us. Stress is something we do. It is a controlled (albeit fairly subconscious) reaction that - yes - we can change.

Drop your shoulders, unclench your jaw, wiggle your fingers and toes, breath deeply, smile, maybe even laugh? Fake it at first! Then, eventually, take more walks, get fresh air, commune with nature, meet up with a friend, absorb yourself in a favorite hobby etc. etc

Most importantly, stop saying you're "stressed"!

September 7, 2017

babies don't do yoga

Babies ARE yoga.

Free of preconceived notions, one with the Universe, ever-present, pure LOVE... can we teach children yoga? NO. We can learn yoga from them.