February 14, 2018

Anahata Chakra

Make every effort to not get swept up in fake holiday frenzy and instead to focus on the meaning and beauty of Valentine's day. As said best by my daughter's teacher Heidi Burke, (who calls Valentine's day the Birds' Wedding Day):

We are now at that half-way moment between the winter solstice and spring equinox.  It is a moment long celebrated in human history with many festivities and rituals. The seeds and roots are quickening beneath the earth and in the Midwest, those who tap the maples for its delicious maple syrup are celebrating the nearing of time for maple sugaring. When there is deep snow cover in the north, we can observe that the warmth of the sap rising from the tree roots actually melts an open ring near the base of the maples! The cardinals begin 'pair feeding', passing sunflower seeds from male to female, female to male, as a prelude to spring mating. It is the season to recognize and spread warmth of heart, something we as humans can offer to the world!  

Turn your back on commercialism and consumerism. For exchanges - natural, reused, or recycled is best. Paint rocks, sew a felt pocket, string a seashell, transform a popsicle stick...