March 27, 2011


OK princess, time to clean out the castle!

Now that you have cleansed your body, your other temple needs tending to. Here's how to detox your sacred space:

DETOX your KITCHEN, tips from Raw Food Detox Diet author Natalia Rose:
~ Remove all food from the kitchen/pantry.
~ Throw away the crap (edible food-like substances).
~ While the food cupboards/storage spaces are empty wipe them down clean.
~ Put the great stuff back in, wiping every item in the process.
~ Maybe transfer grains/snack to clear glass containers for a pretty look and easy-access.

Apparently, most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. DETOX your wardrobe and be ruthless. CLICK for tips. Except: hang or fold like items together (t-shirts, cardigans, yoga pants...) and color-code. Do not organize by outfits, as this article suggests, that's just ludicrous.

Natalia Rose revelation: Clutter can cause weight gain, since people tend to eat to avoid a task. By clearing out your junk and making your space a highly functional part of your life, you and your body will be all the more inclined to follow suit.

When your person is clean and your environment is pristine; this blank canvass is an invitation to get GLAM. On your body and in your surroundings allow only the most beautiful things. Things of high quality that look and feel rich.

 Yes, we can be clean, green yogis and all the while glam too:
"Opposites by their very nature are extreme and therefore inherently glamorous." -Scott Joyce

Of course, like all great things, true glamour is no easy task:
"Part of being glamorous is taking risks." -Jay Jeffers

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