September 9, 2011

dress rehearsal

Your work on your yoga mat is a rehearsal for life. Breathing through and remaining calm in difficult asanas is the practice for breathing through and remaining calm at what life throws at you out of the studio. We had an Arizona/San Diego-wide blackout that lasted through the evening yesterday, leaving about 5 million people in the dark. No big deal. At least for the yogis. While radio personalities drilled the Electrical Company CEO on who to blame and the possibility of terrorist involvement (I kid you not,) The Mr. and I went for a sunset stroll on the beach, hunkered down at home for a cereal dinner, read aloud by candlelight, and got a great night's sleep. What did you do in the last power outage? I bet you not only remember, but unless you were stuck in an elevator you probably enjoyed yourself immensely. Even if you were stuck in an elevator, you may have like the time to think alone in the dark. Getting back to basics feels good, because it feels natural. 

"It would show a lack of consideration and arrogance to become stuck in our principals."
"A little change (in environment) is very important (for yoga). The mind grows used to things that our action quickly falls into habits. We can never experience our real nature if we do not expose ourselves to change. That is why we must test ourselves sometimes by doing something completely different." T.K.V Desikachar

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