September 21, 2012

Telluride: Dining Guide

The Daily Doodle: Eating myself silly 8,750 feet high above sea level.
The finger licking good finds are as follows-

Top Pick: La Cocina
Great for: A big healthy bite to eat anytime of day. Indoor and outdoor seating.
Highlights: Fresh juices, Hearty Salads, Organic Sides, serve-yourself Chip Bar.
Tip: It's all good.

The Caravan 
(attached to La Cocina)
Great For: Dining al fresco, getting full on health food, mingling with locals.
Highlights: Falafel.
Tip: Chat up the man behind the counter.

The Butcher and The Baker
Good for: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks before 3pm.
Highlights: Truffles, Organic Chicken Salad.
Tip: Practice patience in this bustling joint; do not arrive too hungry or in a rush.

Baked in Telluride
Good for: Quick eats in a relaxed atmosphere with locals any old time.
Highlights: Donuts, Vegetable Soup.
Tip: The porch is the place to hang.

Good for: Bar menu.
Highlights: Sushi, Beignets.
Tip: Happy hour at the bar.

It's a gondola ride up.
Good for: Lounging in the bar area with the 1%.
Highlights: Burger, Wild Salmon Caesar.
Tip: Table by the window, please!

New Sheridan
Good For: Steak Dinner and people watching.
Highlights: Venison, French Toast.
Tip: Sit in the bar area if you don't dig a fine dining atmosphere.

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