April 25, 2015

Bless this Bhavan

Sound is the highest priority in Sanskrit. 

The healing effect of the sequential flow of sounds in the Sanskrit language is said to not only balance the mind and the body, but even extend further to create harmony in the collective consciousness of society as a whole. 

In Sanskrit the sound and the meaning are not considered as two different entities but as one and the same. The sounds of Sanskrit carry the qualities of the meaning on the very level of their vibrational frequency. This means that even without understanding the meaning, chanting or listening to Sanskrit verses could generate a very beautiful effect on the mind and on the body.

Sanskrit has been used since time immemorial for the purpose of solving and avoiding problems in life, for healing various aspects of the energy body and the physiology, and to elevate the human consciousness towards unfolding its full potential.
- Youval Eliav enjoylearningsanskrit.com

Ela : Earth
Eta : Luminous
Iyla : Moonlight
Navita : New
Niyati : Destiny
Shanti : Peace
Tara : Star

A house's name stays with the address for a lifetime. Our house-build has just barely begun, but I'm not sure the current "Cherry Tree" is the one. Some of the sankrit words I am toying with are above, but until the house is complete - just as waiting until a baby is born! - only then do you know what name will fit.

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