September 26, 2018

the face that launched a 1000 ships

Helen* ~ Bright, shining light.

Names are layered with meaning...
Having grown up with a very particular first 'title' - Astrid - I am ultra sensitive to names and considered designating them to my children an overwhelming task that I would ponder (obsess over) long after the birth certificate was ordered. I found it impossible not to daydream about other variances and still dwell on their first few days of life aiming to uncover what led me to my (our) ultimate decision. I still struggle with accepting their assignments. I am not one to choose the obvious option, either, and I wonder why I didn't go with more crystal clear family choices or blatant 'signs' while bébé was in belly. I fantasize about the monikers fictitous future children would/could have. It can be a preoccupation. My better half is not amused, and reminds me:
There is no right decision, there is no wrong decision, there is only a decision. 

*My grandmother's name was Helen, which served as the inspiration for our second daughter's name.

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