February 3, 2012

the Good Behavior Board and what I learned

The Daily Doodle: Because so many of you seemed to enjoy the Good Behavior Board –and you all made your own versions, right?– I thought I would do a follow-up. The results surprised me. For example, I clean the house every morning without exception, the perpetually dehydrated old me had no trouble picking up better H2O habits, and I rise before 8AM without trying. The board reaffirmed that I am a morning person, so if I want something done I better plan on doing it before lunch. 
The areas of difficulty were also a revelation. The changes I would like to see are: more yoga (always more yoga!!!), more weight lifting, and more at-home spa treatments. By seeing it all on one big sheet of paper I was also able to create a plan to painlessly add the items that are important to me, but are apparently a constant struggle to complete: On weeknights if J and I are watching a show or movie before bed I will lift weights or do a mask during the TV viewing to curb snacking. Oh, and more yoga. That's all. When you write down what you want to do versus what you do for one week it really is that simple.
I didn't extend the board longer than one week because I learned what I needed to, but I will likely be repeating it in the future.

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