February 5, 2012

put on your Monday Best

The Daily Doodle: There is no substitute for practice. I have been yogiing on my own rather than in a studio for the last eight weeks or so which means I have been stretching, breathing and meditating in short bouts no where near an hour or an hour and a half at a time. I will incorporate my trusty at-home podcasts for added structure and discipline – tapas – but it is likely time to step back into the classroom. Argh, do I have to???

That being said, please recall yoga can be done ANYWHERE!

1. Basalt, CO 2. Moab, UT 3. Hana, HI 4. Pacific Beach, CA 5. Cote D'azur, FR 6. Palm Beach, FL 7. and 8. Aspen, CO

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