February 20, 2011

How should I yoga?!

 It's as personal as your style.

"Developing a personal yoga practice is the difference between practicing yoga as an exercise and adopting it as a lifestyle. 

Many yoga teachers encourage students to develop a personal yoga practice at home once they reach a level of expertise. Class becomes a place to reenergize, to pick up new yoga tools and skills, and to get the proper guidance and help from an expert.
"The true yoga begins when [you] leave the studio," Miller said. "Yoga is all about being awake, being mindful of your actions."
"Part of personal practice is learning what your needs are for that day, that moment, that hour you carve out for practice -- and that takes intuition," said Pranksy, who practices five times a week on her own and maintains those are her best practices. "Yoga is meant to meet your needs day by day and moment by moment, practice should reflect what you are trying to bring into balance at the time." Pransky usually begins her personal practice by quieting her mind and sitting in meditation. She listens to her body to intuit what yoga it needs -- restorative and meditative or strong and invigorating.
Start with small pockets of time, such as ten minutes, and let your practice grow as you feel the need.
Many people believe that they should leave yoga class or practice feeling tired. That's the old gym mentality -- gotta sweat and get a good workout. Pranksy debunks this myth about yoga. "Yoga should constantly refresh and energize, constantly open our channels. Be mindful of breath. Approach challenging poses not with trying and tension, which can tire you out, but in a way that helps to ground, rejuvenate, and open you. Come from a calm and centered place in even the most challenging of poses. Become spacious, relaxed, and energized."" --- all of the above excerpts from Personal Yoga Practice: It's the Main Course Not a Side Dish by Sherry Roberts CLICK for more

Though it's been a week since Valentine's Day don't forget to keep the love alive! Frame some new pics, print some favorites off of your computer or make/find/buy 'love'ly art today... like the above photo from 1stdibs.com. I added wedding photos to an old post, click, and have the first batch of professional prints on the way, finally!

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