February 1, 2011


Hello month of love!!!

Sage advice from the Susan Branch Calendar:

The Romance of Home

Look for sheets with hearts on them; have breakfast in bed. Rent Shirley Valentine, Love Actually or Shakespeare in Love. With leftover spray snow, stencil hearts on bathroom mirrors. Make champagne cocktails (drop sugar cubes soaked in bitters in a glass filled with champagne.) Paint your [toe]nails red. Sprinkle red hearts over your [children's] oatmeal. Put on a cute apron; throw some flour around; cooking smells are very romantic in a cozy home.

Astrid and Julian Kirschenbaum

The Sundeck atop Ajax Mountain at 12000 feet

Floating floral arrangements in the Little Nell Hotel's elegantly dark hued pool

by Gruau

My Blue Valentine Wishlist all from dannijo.com

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