February 9, 2011

paper pom pom poms

Yesterday Early Afternoon. The Inspiration

Late Afternoon. Get to work! When you see something that moves you it's best to act on it right away. These homemade tissue paper poofs took no time at all to make. I cannot believe I have never done this before! A thin stack of tissue paper is scalloped or petal shaped at the edges,  accordion folded, secured in the middle and then pulled apart and fluffed. Voila!

Hours Later. Valentine colors suspended as a unit and kept high as to not detract from the view. 

This Morning. Breakfast with the In-laws. 

Last Night. Always set the table and make all possible preparations the night before! Taking pictures helps point out faults. This photo made it clear the chairs needed covering. 

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Sonjia said...

Beautiful! I think I may borrow this idea for our Valentine's Day Dinner Party...