January 4, 2016

PACK for the CITY in WINTER with KIDS and the rule of JET LAG is...


A few thoughts after a couple of days in Florence, Italy in December:

Packing for the City with a little one in tow
- Coat ; One. Cute with coverage ; covers butt at least, knee length is a bonus.
- Swimsuit ; hotel pools and hot tubs!
- Gloves and Hats ; that fold up small enough to fit into kids' coat pockets.
- Sunnies (or winter hat with brim.)
- Compact warm layers ; wool, cashmere, and silk. We get ours at Petit Bateau.
- PJ's ; more than you think you need. Tight ones that double as undergarments. KicKeepants work well for this.
- Scarves for you end up being very handy for bébé.
- Bright colors and patterns for dresses, leggings etc. (that hide stains and dirt).
- Carrier. Toddlers love these in Cities, (and airports) even if they aren't wild about them at home.*
- Hair things ; lots of options. Clips and bows are a tiny-to-carry way to freshen up tired angels and make them look dressed.
- 2 pairs walking shoes for little feet. Not new shoes.
- Clothing you know works and fits and is loved ; not new clothing!
- For every item think 'Sure Bet' not 'Wild Card'.
- Party dresses and special occasion wear is an exception, of course.
- Diaper. Your potty trained child says "I have to go potty" and you know for whatever reason it could be quite a long while... if we are stuck in the metro, gondola, tram, bus everyone can sigh with relief when Mommy has a diaper on hand.

- Same cover-it-all-up coat idea for mom.
- Fresh haircut for mom before leaving :)
- Hat for mommy too ; cool baseball cap is easiest to pack.
- Small purses and wallets for mom ; fanny pack or other safe option.
- Backpacks, though great on planes, can cause troublesome access while out and about en ville.
- Umbrella.
- Space to Shop; fold in a Longchamp-esque bag for serious damage.
- And another medium foldable bag ; overnight bags to hand to Grandma/whomever when the kids sleep in their hotel room ;)

*Cities are incredibly invigorating and inspiring, but are overwhelming and overstimulating for small bodies. Coddle, even spoil, your children while traveling.

-Art by Goldie's Parisian cousin Giorgia, 4 years

Mamma e Gigi sul balcone.

Jet lag
Allow one day of adjusting for every hour of time difference to overcome the effects of jet lag. There is no way around this, but balancing your vata  will ease the symptoms of your  desynchronosis.

Happy New Year

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