January 12, 2016

House Build Progress Photos

August. Astrid moves dirt, breaks ground.

Goldie on the way with her rig.

September. The home gets a form.
After MUCH deliberation there is no basement.

I am smitten by my neighbors. And despite the construction I think they adore me as well ;)

Lots of steel. There will be exposed steel on the front porch, in the living room, and on the back and side patios. We are from Cleveland, so we love steel.

October. The sticks are up. The framers are awesome.
Bring the framers treats to eat - check.

Stick phase is pretty.
(Plywood phase is not; photos of plywood phase are few and far between if any at all.)

Laundry room with a view.

Fireplace. Goldie is 3-feet tall for scale.

Trusses arrive. Prefab, baby.

Beautiful trusses that unfortunately will be hidden away behind walls.

November. Endless discussions in the dining room with architect.

Upstairs. Goldie's suite. Storm a comin'?

Well, Hello, windows!

Stair 'tower' and stairs we and the crew used to use (ladder).
Exposed steel. Bronze windows. Knotty siding to be stained dark.

Long day's work.

January. Radiant heat pipes. A difficult $ decision that I fully recommend!
Steel beams to be powder-coated dark.

Radiant heat pipe patterning and a wood burning fireplace which heats 3,000 square feet.

Dry wall abound. Looking into the kitchen from the living area.
Kitchen is in North-East  corner of home; the most high energy location in any house.

Baking the gypcrete. The radiant heat is on high and for the first time we (they!) are not all freeeezing on site.

Master 'retreat'. Windows on three sides.
The Master is purposefully placed in the South-West corner, where the energy is calmest in any building.

Front of the house as of January 1, 2016.

Back of the house as of January 1, 2016.

Goldie makes her mark in the Garage. Headed out the back door ...

Everything in the project was conceptualized and chosen by myself and architect Mark Ford of Studio 3fold. We did not use a 'designer' so the next phase, 'finishes'!, should be interesting... Lots more fun to come!!

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