June 8, 2010

the bear necessities

BHARADVAJA'S TWIST relieves discomfort and tension in the spine, fosters detoxification, and reduces the pain caused by 'carpal tunnel syndrome'. (J is definitely starting to feel the effects of law school typing and writing!)

KERUT (pronounced carrot) has arrived! My girlfriend, last name Turek, hence the back-slang or semordnilaps Kerut, opened this Nantucket meets 1950's Palm Springs meets Morocco clothing boutique in the heart of La Jolla only a few weeks ago and it is fantastic. She carries pieces one wears again and again, pieces up-to-date and modern, but beyond trends and often vintage or vintage inspired. One client stated today that she would be happy emptying her entire wardrobe and refilling it with Kerut's frocks and finery. Why is it so many of us feel that way- in some aspect or another- wishing for a clean slate, a fresh start.

We all deserve a carefully selected army of apparel thoughtfully presented to us inside our exquisite closet in a streamlined fashion. Why should we settle for less?

I ebb and flow between being outrageous and a little less outrageous when it comes to shopping. I am trying to make peace between the extravagant, fashion & style oriented travelista and the clean, uncomplicated, spartan (haha) yogini. I am aware that acquisitions do not equal happiness, but am still known to over-consume.

"When less is more," an article from YogaJournal.com, my favorite online database for all that is yoga, Helena Echlin explains the joyless circle of mindlessly acquiring possessions occurring in many of our lives. I feel just waking up to this fact is already a big step in the right direction. Materialism, as stated in the yoga journal article, can become a source of self-violence that cuts us off from what makes us happy.

Also discussed is the important difference between voluntary simplicity and fetish or frugality. According to Helena Echlin the focus should be on health and satisfaction for, like dieting, self-denial backfires! She proposes we select the luxuries that really matter to us rather than giving up life's frills altogether.

My personal goal is to become more discerning and to purchase investment pieces I truly adore rather than collect items upon items that are not wonderful.

In order to be healthy, we must live healthfully.

Bharadvaja's twist at the top is the first doodle done on paper rather than iPad I have created in quite a while. It is also a true doodle, banged out in about two minutes.

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