June 4, 2010

I frickin love Aspen

I am ready to get hitched in Colorado thanks entirely to my mom with some help from my big brother M.

Aspen is glitzy, glam, and indulgent coupled with a simplicity of life that makes it straight-up my style. Living in a town that is half a mile wide and one mile long, one can walk everywhere, and when that isn't enough, and for nearly every Aspenite it isn't, you can walk up, down, around and through the many mountains that lock in the small flat space of merriment that is Aspen.


I was able to experience Aspen in a new way this visit, as I was pampered at the lovely Little Nell Hotel as opposed to my usual self-sufficient condo dwelling. Not that I am complaining. During our few days of wedding engineering, I had pleasure of meeting chef Ryan Hardy who will be preparing the food for not one, but two nights of my three-day wedding extravaganza.

He encompasses the Aspen paradox: a dedicated, passionate perfectionist, yet laid back and jovial farm-to-table master.

Martha Stewart is also a fan.
Ryan hardy cooking from farm to table:
I urge you to CLICK CLICK CLICK and check him out! (especially if I'll be seeing you in late September or if your travels may take you to Aspen.)

Tailoring your diet to yourself:
A balanced life looks and feels different for everyone.
During our tasting there were two vegetarians at the table, including yours truly, both of which sampled the Colorado rabbit turnovers and local grilled partridge. We all make personal appropriate allowances: "we don't eat meat, but we will eat Ryan's."
The road to wellness isn't straight, clear or predictable. It's a path you forge yourself.
Interestingly enough, the omnivores and herbivores alike felt that the menu would improve with those two dishes removed. "Check for vegetarian" (fish, egg, and dairy eating) no longer necessary on the wedding invitation!

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