May 26, 2010

I ride my bike

I roller skate, don't drive no car
Don't go too fast , but I go pretty far
For somebody who don't drive, I been all around the world
Some people say I done alright for a girl

-Melanie Safka

World Naked Bike Ride in the Northern Hemisphere is approaching in participating American cities the beginning of June. Flip up your kickstand and dare to bare all: the X-rated outrageousness takes place in San Diego Saturday, June 12th, 5pm at Evolution Fast Food 2965 5th Avenue. For other times and places visit the website!

This clothing optional bike ride brings attention to our reliance on automobiles and the fuel they require to run. This year seems to be an especially poignant year in regards to the current oil spill of mass destruction and utter sadness.

Yes, it is illegal to ride your bike naked through the streets. The world naked bike ride website offers some words of advice on this concern:

The laws on nudity are often incredibly vague and difficult to enforce.
You probably don't need to cover up an awful lot to be legal. With the incredible transforming powers of a little body paint, liquid latex, a strategically-placed sock or duct tape you too can transform the average city-streaking wild naked cyclist into "the legal city-streaking wild naked cyclist". Be creative: a little imagination can change everything.

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I have some great pics from an anti-war march in DC a few years back with the Boobs Not Bombs dudes and dudettes. Anything for a good cause.

Peace ON