May 10, 2010


Juicing gives me wings!

I just came home with the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro, and I can vouch for his products. I bought two. J and I owned the Classic in Aspen, but it didn't make it cross-country twice on our trek to California via Ohio, so now I have the new shiny chrome model and I love it so. No fruit nor vegetable stands a chance.
This baby mashes bundles of kale and parsley, grinds through seeds and cores, and shoots out rainbows of vitamins like it ain't no thing.

It is exhausting to keep up with the mounds of fresh produce one flies through after investing in an extractor, but you will have the energy! This juice gives me the stamina to lug around sacks of fresh navel oranges and carts full of carrots for miles wearing havaianas and a smile.

You will also no longer throw away aging crops that you can't manage to finish in time, instead you'll shove them through the tube and suck them down in seconds. And then you'll be wired enough to deep clean the whole house. Everybody wins.

Don't hold your breath for Cali to legalize the green stuff- instead get to juicing and get high!

J and I also find it much improves our digestion.

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