May 2, 2010

It will all work out

J, my mom, and I all went to see the Palm Beach Psychic before making our way out of town yesterday. Her store front is so glitzy its gaudy- no wonder I couldn't resist. We all agreed she was very intuitive, though only 25, and had the cutest big ears. the Orient large ears are looked upon as auspicious because they indicate wisdom and compassion. The Buddha is depicted as having big ears because he is the compassionate one. He hears the sound of the world - hears the cries of suffering beings - and responds. The important thing for us is not how large our ears are, but how open are our "mind ears." -

I won't reveal the details of our readings, of course, but in the end the overall message was the more you know yourself the better you will fair, and to relax and allow your destiny to unfold. She recounted who we were in our past-life, information which helps to explain our fears, worries, insecurities, burdens, and pains, as well as shed light on our powers, virtues and strengths.

In summation, Knowledge is power.

Wedding countdown: the fifth full moon from now.
J and I (above) are clearly excited. And on our way!

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