May 1, 2010

Not my dress

I bought the first dress I tried on for the big day (wedding.) It was not in your classic boutique where everyone frou-frous around you, and this made me apprehensive. But then I remembered how this whole business started and the way things were done in the old days. I was reminded not to buy into the hype and to stick with my personal style. I did it my way.

The day in general is unlikely to be your average bear. It's going to be spectacular. It was also a breeze to plan (thanks mom) without the stress you see in the movies, minus maybe a little tension regarding the band (which has since been diffused.)

The big lesson: things don't have to be stressful/difficult/fight-inducing just because people say they are. You write your own story. It is what you make it.

On a yoga retreat with Baron Baptiste, Baron lectured that we all carry around like a heavy burden these made-up tales of our life, and that's just what they are: dramatic narratives that we compulsively repeat.
He urges us to strip our lives down to just the facts (this is going to take A LOT of editing) and examine what is left. Not much. We can create any story we like around the simple frame, why not make it a great one?

This is on my registry. Thanks A! xxx

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