June 13, 2010

Best laid plans

In her deep, throaty, drawling Brazilian accent, Ocean Beach yoga instructor, Elka, guided us in meditation to "imagine your skin is transparent." (Eeemageene your skeeen ees transpaarent.)
I thought I was levitating.

Uninhibited or protective? Which are you? I tend, perhaps to a fault, to be on the guarded side. Below: transparent toaster!

Transparency to myself: Journaling.

I love filling books and starting new ones that encompass body, mind and spirit in varying ratios according to my mood and state of affairs. They are usually the same scribbles and blueprints in one form or another, they are sometimes asinine or forced, but they are always my therapy.

I have noticed a disturbing pattern of focussing on what I can do more and better, so currently as I soul-search for future careers and summer-ify my routine I am instead practicing self-encouragement and gratefulness. Replacing lack with abundance.

Buy notebooks, pens, markers & stickers you love and get to writing, it will change your life.

If you are stuck ask a question (Who am I? What do I love?....) and begin by writing the answer faster than you can think, writing without stopping.

Finding your Dharma is your Dharma.

Do what you can! That is plenty.
It's not necessarily how much time you spend that determines one's spiritual progress; it's the intention and attitude you have toward practice. Even if it's just for five minutes every day, it's so much better than doing hours of practice with a distorted view, a wrong attitude and unrealistic expectations. As a dharma practitioner, you may have sound intentions, but constantly think that you are not good enough, that you are not doing enough practice, that your spiritual experiences are too limited. Instead, you could simply try to practice with the available time you have and not keep going over this again and again in your mind.

Countdown to wedding: 100 days!
(I know this from the auto-countdown on the Registry I was strong armed into creating. I won't be visiting that intrusively statistical website again- freaky!)

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