August 3, 2010

the daily DIY


I move a lot... in order to take my collages with me I have devised a system. I create mini, or not so mini, panels that are very resilient. I simply:

1) glue/tape on photos/cut-outs on desired sized sheet of sturdy paper.
2) apply strips of fat clear (packing) tape over them and/or a clear top coat spray/brush sealant.

I like my panels to have a theme- not just 'fashion' or 'home' but a color, season or mood...

I tape them inside closets, behind doors, on bathroom cabinets and all over my armoire. And can move them whenever I please.

Voila! Murals and images that speak to you wherever you go. Its fun to see how over time your taste does or does not change and how trends repeat themselves over time..

These images form an inspiration board that is proven effective in shaping ones future through repetitive subconscious implantation - so choose visuals that speak to you.

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