August 12, 2010

I offer you an olive branch

When I first put the duvet cover, below, onto our bed, J remarked he liked it because it is "gender neutral."

Needless to say did this get me thinking. Poor guy! Is he living in a world of pink and sparkles? What does it mean to decorate for a man and a woman? I always thought of the home as the woman's grounds and that femininity came with the territory, but now imagining a dolled-up girly girl in a more masculine space has me intrigued.

I quite like the idea of me in piles of pink, chiffon and bijoux amongst large leather couches and deep grey pointelle. I am now understanding Kelly Wearstler's boldness, and how it lends itself to the androgyny I am looking for. If you want to make a statement she's the girl to learn from.

I have officially added Kelly Wearstler and Starbucks to "things I thought I hated but actually love." This list is getting so long that if I want to guess my next obsession I simply try to think of something I am repulsed by.

I chose the duvet because Olive trees have always been meaningful to my Mediterranean influenced family . (I didn't realize what I was getting myself into.)
Olive tree symbolism: peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power, purity.