August 4, 2010

It's all in a day's work

Finished this painting I started over the weekend! It measures 3feet by 4feet. J, my biggest fan, wants to hang it in the living room. So sweet.

this is what I wore to work today.

So often I will go through the whole day without eating much of anything green. A reminder of my favorite every morning "smoothie" (think drink not meal.)

Almond milk + spinach +Barlene's greens, the tastiest green powder
add one optional banana or 1/2 banana for girth

It is better to vary your greens, but this smoothie is so doable and palatable I just assume get other varieties at lunch and dinner.

Another favorite green food: Green Tea! Brew 3 bags every morning, let cool, pour in to a pitcher, place in the fridge and sip as iced tea through out the day, but not too close to dinner time. Add wedges of lemon/orange etc as desired.

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