December 16, 2010

Gone Skiiiing

Off to Telluride for the week to brave the cold and enjoy some fresh tracks, hot cocoa, natural hot springs, and chili. 

EASIEST weeknight meals for winter: Bake at 400, for about 30 minutes, whatever it is you have in the fridge... brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, tofu, sausage, grapes, cauliflower, rosemary... the possibilities and variations are limitless. Add a sweet component by tossing in some fruit and remember fresh herbs as well. Cut the different components to a similar size or use separate dishes or check them often.While it's all baking your hands are free to set the mood, whip up some SAUCES, or entertain guests. This is a great dinner for company as it requires very little overseeing, looks impressive, and gives your guests choice and control over what they consume. Who doesn't love that?

It's all about the sauces, like fondue! Aim for as many kinds of sauces as there are people. Just the two of you? Two dippers is plenty. Table for six? Half a dozen samplers make the night feel special. Peanut sauce or honey mustard with tofu, lemon mayonnaise for veggies, curried yogurt and potatoes... the options are infinite. I like to have at least one sweet sauce such as 1part honey+1part orange juice or the good old standby ketchup! (Homemade if you have company.) No need to shop, there is a delectable sauce lurking in your pantry or fridge, I am sure of it. Eg: mayo is eggs and oil, honey mustard is just those two namesake components, yogurt can be transformed with a multitude of spices, and a lemon rind works wonders. Get creative, what do you have to lose?!

Roasted Assorted Vegetables and Roasted Breaded Tofu
These are pre-cut sweet potatoes, I prefer cutting them myself as I like them thicker and I love the skin. Season the potatoes differently and you can have them often without getting bored!
Cut tofu into a different shape depending on what your serving it with. This shape is good for dipping.
Use a beautiful baking dish for oven to table service and half the clean-up. Serve family style and pick and play through dinner.

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i started blogging again. thanks for inspiring me :-)