December 8, 2010

Eight craaaaazy nights!

In case you missed it, because I know I did... eight crazy nights ago was the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! Tonight, Wednesday December 8th, "RE-LIVE THE SHOW" 8pm EST on the CW.

Then, over your gorgeous lingerie, throw on a party dress, spiffy up the table, light some candles, and fry some latkes, if you haven't already. CLICK potato, zucchiniapple, for recipes. It's the final night of Chanukah. I quite enjoy Whole Foods Zucchini Latkes if your not into shredding and frying this evening. And pick up some donuts too. The idea is to eat foods fried in oil, as the oil lamp burned eight days and nights rather than just one. 

 It wouldn't be a healthy Chanukah without Kale chips!!! CLICK for recipe.

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