July 26, 2011

bring it back to me

There are still products worth traveling for and foreign trends to be spotted first-hand -- even before Vogue hits the press. Though nearly all objects may now be available throughout the world, there is something special about carrying a taste of your travels home. Mr. K laughed when I pulled out a large jar of Nutella from my lesportsac, but importing it yourself just tastes better doesn't it?!

Hair protection Phyto Plage "l'originale" is yet to be trumped. 
And is a must for surfers.

NUXE spray-on dry oil smells other-worldly.

Savon de Marseille is a cure-all best bought as big as possible. 
"Extra Pure 72% Olive Oil."

Mini Mavala Nail Polishes are sold in even the most obscure of Pharmacies.
About an inch tall they have the new cool colors before they are cool. 

Foutas. These very soft, very stylish, quick drying towels/throws/sarongs/table-cloths are Turkish, yes, but currently all the rage on the Cote D'Azur. They can even replace your regular bath towels especially if you live by the ocean where fabric tends to remain damp. Originally used in the Hammans (saunas) these towels are 100% cotton and a breeze to care for. 


Jessmandeville said...

Astrid! Thanks for the tip-Love the Foutas. Just bought one for a sailing trip to Croatia. xoxo Jess

Astrid said...

Jess! you are missed in SD!