March 20, 2012

little seed in my mind's eye

The Daily Doodle: Hello Spring! This doodle was inspired by Synergy Kombucha's new flavor and my all-time favorite beverage name: Third Eye Chai. But I am not here to talk chai, instead I've got CHIA on the brain, I before A. This little seed has been in my mind's eye as J likes to add it to fresh juiced apples, my pregnant friend loves herself a mamachia, and I enjoy its tapioca-like properties in sweetened almond milk.  The newest experiment, Chocolate Chia Mousse Cake, was a success, so I simply must share.

Chocolate Chia Mousse Cake
adapted from The Chia Company

1/2 rounded cup Chia Seeds
1 cup water
1 1/4 cup chocolate chips
-dark or milk
1/2 cup butter
-and a dash of salt if the butter has none
1/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup sweetener 
-sugar, agave, maple syrup...
5 eggs, separated
2 cups almond meal

1. Pre-heat oven to 350F.
2. Soak chia seeds in water for 15min.
3. Melt butter and chocolate.
-Set aside to cool.
4. Beat egg-whites and 1/3 cup sugar until soft peaks form.
- Use your arm power if you're a bad-ass!
5. Beat sweetener of choice into egg yolks.
- In a big bowl.
- Until pale and creamy.
6. Fold in chocolate and yolk mixtures.
7. Fold in almond meal.
- Or try ground hazelnuts!
8. Fold in egg whites.
- Gently, now.
9. Pour into a greased/lined pan.
- I used a bread loaf pan.
- A spring form would be classic.
- A bundt would work...
10. Bake about 50 minutes.
- Use a toothpick to check sooner.

Enjoy! Try not to eat too much; from personal experience the chia seeds expand in your stomach like flax-meal, bulk-fiber style. Woah.

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