February 24, 2010

I can't believe it's not Danette!

Danette is a French chocolate pudding I grew up adoring. Almost as much as nutella.

This recipe is bonkers!

It blows my mind

I rummaged my favorite culinary site Allrecipes when J requested I make the “chocolate mousse we had in Sayulita”. While loving every OM-ing minute of our one-week yoga retreat last Spring in Mexico with our favorite yogini pro Dana, www.danajulius.com, one evening the vegan chef made a creamy, buttery to die for chocolate mousse. Using avocados, agave and raw cocao! Below is an even less sinful rendition (bananas cut the fat). I love it, and this is coming from a girl who went to the Escoffier Pastry School at the Ritz in Paris, thank you very much.


¼ C. (raw) cocoa powder

1 avocado

1 banana

2 tbsp agave

enough almond/coconut milk to blend

a little vanilla extract is optional

Repeat as necessary! And it will be necessary…

please share your healthy sweet tooth fixes!

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