February 23, 2010

Drink Me

I love Alice in Wonderland drama and hope to one day have a home that inspires awe and bewilderment while at the same time feeling comfy, cozy and manageable. While putting together my apartment in San Diego (mostly pre-furnished) I have come to realize the unexpected which is that I actually like my escape streamlined, neutral, and simple. I think this is because, more than anything, I like my space clean. Rather than the bohemian world bazaar of fantastical color that I always pictured myself living in, just as my little abode here in California has, my final product will also be a changeable blank slate for my mood rather than fixed art within itself. I am an artist and hostess so a modern uncluttered space is the perfect template for my chameleon lifestyle where surprise is just around every corner.

let the view do the talking

crazy furniture? not yet! but i do have one of these (click on "these")

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