February 22, 2010

Keeping up with the Kardigans

Today I was bad and went shopping. As I moseyed around Nordstrom the Rack I kept gravitating toward cheap little basics- c&c tank tops, jeans, and cardigans, oh blah! I barely rummaged through the designer lanes with disinterest and came to realize while standing in the cashiers line in front of three enthusiastic teens that I have gotten fashionably safe.

These girls are searching for perfect outfits that have come to full fruition only in their imaginations. They are dreaming of what to wear tomorrow and the next day and they all look adorable discussing it. Right then and there I grabbed the cowboy boots I threw aside as ‘unnecessary’ and vowed to start looking cute.

The way you dress presents yourself to the world in a certain light and speaks to far more people daily than any other form of communication. Dress for the job/life/body you want.

expect more fashion posts!

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Eliza Baird said...

First, Astrid, so happy you are putting your creative genius into something we can all view and enjoy from the far corners in which we all live.

I am particularly in love with the "Keeping up with the Kardigans" posting- not only bc yes I will admit I watch the Kardashians and love the show... but the drawing 1st and foremost reminds me of Miami Vice meets Bright Lights Big City, neons and pop, Lichtenstein (a Cleveland man) and hazing burning sunsets of Venice Beach...all of which I find very facinating and inspiring.

I too, also feel I have gotten into a habit of dressing safe and not really putting an effort to dress any which way. Part of me thinks that winter has certainly put a damper on my dress up immagination... so hopefully the spring with reinvigorate and reinspire me to dress as to how I feel and to who I am.