February 21, 2010

You are the world. If you change the world changes.

*the above blonde is my rendition of a Jordi Labanda image

Plastic soup for thought: “The swirling debris of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean has now grown to a size that is twice as large as the continental U.S” (enn.com)

Today I went to the aquarium in La Jolla, CA, and it wasn’t quite the outing I was expecting. Seeing the trapped fish swimming in small caged circles was rather depressing. I am proud to be an aspiring vegan (I have my animal fashion flaws and sushi slip-ups,) but this made me reflect upon the waste I still create. I am determined to become more conscious of my eco-footprint and to lower it by becoming a conscientious consumer. Although I am fairly diligent about bringing my own bags to the grocery store, I never purchase bottled water, and I scoff at over-packaging, I think a tightening of the reigns is in order. I plan on “voting with my dollars” by purchasing only products I feel good about and only from companies I can stand behind. And to remind myself that less is more. After all, I am too young to be jaded or lazy, right?

What are some green tips or products you love?

What I am reading now:

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu

Supposedly, it's going to change my life.

I don't doubt it.

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