April 11, 2011


Apanasana ~ Wind-Relieving Pose

Apana: Down Breath.

Apana is one of the five main vital energies located in the lower abdominal/pelvic floor region. It's energy is downward, contracting and expelling. Apana is responsible for elimination.

Stretch your back and aid your digestion with Apanasana. It is the perfect counter pose after a set of backbends and an antidote to intestinal discomfort or menstrual pain. Push your knees away from your body into your hands for a greater back stretch or pull your leg(s) in passively and close to the body to massage your organs.

Keep the back of your neck nice and long using a pillow or blanket if necessary. Pull both knees in together and/or one knee at a time keeping the other leg straight.

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