April 7, 2011

makes you wanna scream!!!

OK, enough cleansing and cleaning--- it's time for ICE CREAM!!! and other goodies...
This post is about finding what you love by trying new things, but balancing new things with tried and true favorites. Step out of your comfort zone once in a while, but don't waste too much time or energy on anything you find sub-par. It's a big world out there and it is meant to be enjoyed. Know thyself but never stop asking questions. This is also a reminder - in the midst of a few cleansing posts - not to take things too seriously and NOT to create a food dogma, which can be limiting and confining: the opposite of yoga. Today I returned to a Yoga class I know I adore, but haven't made the time to attend in a long while. Perhaps I was a little too busy trying new things. It's amazing when old standbys never fail to satisfy.

Here are the Kirschenbaum house favorites, what are yours? What's their story? Make your own Best-Of list. And share it in the comments!

Best Ice cream:

Haagen-Dazs (a made-up word by the founder in the Bronx) Vanilla.
amazing with chunks of very ripe mango.

Best chocolate chips:

Ghirardelli 60% Mini-Disks.
love the size, love the darkness, love them alone or in cookies.

Best peanut butter:

Smart Balance Omega Natural Peanut Butter
even my european family is hooked.

Best Popcorn:

Trader Joe's Microwave popcorn, not the fat-free kind.
buttery, but not too buttery.

Best sandwich style cookie:

Trader Joe's Vanilla Joe Joe's
the vanilla ones (yes, I even surprised myself on this one.)

Best yoga in La Jolla:
Anne West, La Jolla Yoga Center

Trust those who seek the truth, doubt those who have found it.

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