July 29, 2010

A, B, C

One, peace ,three

The size of an Irish town is measured by the number of pubs not by the number of people. (Thanks for the tip, K.)

How do we measure ourselves? The number of friends on facebook? The number of dollars in our bank account? The number on our bathroom scale?

Forget numbers. Stop keeping track. There is no score. (Nobody cares how many lb.s you can lift.) I repeat, there is no score.
What if we ceased counting and started living?

For those always watching a clock, follow the Brazilian saying, "hurry gets in the way of perfection." I'm NOT condoning lateness (quite the contrary,) but a way of life that flows with, not by, a timetable. How?

~ Make space: leave more time for everything.
~ Prioritize: wise up to what 'must' be done today and what can be left for tomorrow.
~ Say no to others: say yes to yourself.
~ Accept.
~ Loosen the reigns.
~ Get a watch. This may sound counter-intuitive, but you will save time wondering and checking your iPhone. Always wear a watch when traveling. Bonus points for a Swatch.
~ Go to bed early. No media in the boudoir. (Unless it's hanky-panky related.)

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