July 19, 2010

Checking in

This season's heat came a little late in California and I just switched our bedding over to "summer" mode (clean, light and white,) and upon coming home to the transformation J gave his highest compliment: "I feel like I'm in a hotel!"

3 easiest tips ever to hotel-ify your home:

1. Fresh Flowers! For a mere $10 or more a week flowers create an instant upgrade to first class. Buy whatever attracts you on a weekly basis. Add the flora to your grocery list, right there with eggs, as they are a necessity not a luxury. Arrange them in a pitcher or container of choice (get creative) and no matter how many flowers you can afford put them in a small enough 'vase' so they are pushed together and bursting out looking full and lavish.

2. Fruit in a bowl. Or go the extra mile and create a "mini-bar": have snacks in small sizes arranged nicely in a basket. Always have some sort of candy or goodie out in a little dish. Like the flowers, the image of abundance is key- let the fruit and snacks be almost too plentiful for their container. (As the plums/gummi bears/pistachios get eaten, downsize the vessel.)

3. Trays! Display all objets d'art on trays (or hide not so pretty remotes in ornate boxes and containers.) Burn candles when guests are over (another must with flowers and snacks) on trays! Place your flowers in their receptacle on a tray, serve glasses on trays, bathroom essentials on trays, place no item on any surface without a tray in between and put small trays on big trays! Start collecting trays (they are easy to store.)

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