July 24, 2010

lecher les vitrines

Quality not quantity, the slow life, and other musings from our friends on the Mediterranean.

Walk: daily to the market to purchase dinner.
Eat: soup, main dish, salad, cheese, and dessert in small portions.
Think: gelato not froyo.
Wear: one timeless Missoni versus five mediocre Banana Republics.
Bring: friends together even if it's imperfect (it isn't.)
know: when something works and do it again and again.

Combine-and-conquer: take all the tips and tricks you love from different parts of your family, friends, books, T.V., etc., and create your very own culture and tradition.

: take pleasure in life like an Italian with a leisurely stroll before and/or after dinner.

Paseo: The Spanish version of the passeggiata. Both involve window shopping, chatting with neighbors, and the whole family together. Especially nice on a Saturday or Sunday of big eating.

Olive Oil: liquid gold and one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

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