October 17, 2010

bon voyage

The weekend getaway is the vacation/staycation hybrid that I cannot get enough of. After falling in love with Vegas and Laguna in two consecutive friday to sunday stints, these 72-hour expeditions are nearly addictive.

Treat a weekend foray like a major trek:
-Prepare a refreshing return: clean out your fridge and prepare your home as though you will be gone for the whole summer.
- Get excited: plan, read-up, call knowledgeable contacts, make reservations, and watch movies depicting your destination. LA-Pretty Woman, Vegas-The Hangover, Aspen-Dumb and Dumber etc... or bring and watch the movies while you are there, I LOVE doing this.
-Pack in advance, let the anticipation build, relieve any last minute stress.

How a small junket differs from a lengthy tour:
-If you forget to clean out the fridge or leave stones unturned at home, no biggie.
-You can go so last minute that you don't have any plans and it won't matter because you of your fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude of positive anticipation that will make whatever you end up doing amazing. Not to mention low expectations are the easiest to meet and exceed.
-Often you are taking the car, which makes packing a no-brainer.

Givenchy Jacket: my Santa Monica/Beverly Hills/LA signature look this past weekend

Packing for three days:
Have a signature look or color scheme. Even channel a celebrity or movie character. For example, a the flashy jacket above that works both days and nights. "Signature look" is the cool way of repeating something special and awesome. Choose something eye-popping or racy. You get a lot of use out of a loved item and make a "I'm here!!! to have fun not be a slave to my stuff" attitude.

Bring enough shoes. In three days we tend to cram in three weeks worth of activities or more. You will be moving and walking a lot and will want to vary footwear to prevent aches, pains, blisters and bunions. Think boot, flip-flop, flat and stiletto. Taking inspiration from Vivienne, below left, and this season's runway, pack your thigh highs.

Leave the computer and ipad at home. Unplugging is the true essence of vacation. You are unlikely to have time to read either, except for information on the place you are visiting. As always, make use of soft layers, jeans, black leggings, LV overnight duffels and cool accessories. Bring a suitcase 3/4 empty, dirty clothes grow and shopping is fun.