October 7, 2010

oh dear

from my iPad

Holidays and chill factor are just around the corner. It's time we winterfy our wardrobes and home spots. There is nothing I love more than a little fall shopping! First, shop your own closet and switch seasons. This is not elective, you must put away out-of-season items in order to keep things sleek and current. Store items in pretty, cloth boxes and put away more than you would like.

Then go shopping! I never buy anything just because it is on sale but I also never (almost never) buy anything unless IT IS ON SALE. I kid you not. In this economic climate everything goes on sale. Really. Especially the good stuff, the avant garde garments that the masses cannot appreciate. Don't even look at the non-sales racks. Not even a peek.

A catalogue you could live in? Mine is Gorsuch. Especially as summer turns to fall, fall to winter, and my mind to hot cocoa and ski chalets. Will I order everything out of Gorsuch and live the high altitude life of elegance? Of course not. That would be a quick road to broke, not to mention boring!

Scavenging and slowly collecting is what makes decorating and dressing satisfying and sentimental.

Stag head pewter bowls, candles holders and ice buckets can be found now at Tuesday Morning, an intimidatingly unkempt discount chain. Who would have thought?