January 28, 2011

Astrid versus the volcano

Me to J: "Tell me something to draw."
J to Me: "Draw a volcano." Pause. "Draw you being lowered into a volcano and me coming to rescue you." Pause. "Julian versus the volcano."

Mrs. Astrid Kirschenbaum

When it's nice and warm, but January nonetheless: booty shorts and short fuzzy booties! Other options that aren't so easy to get away with in any old climate, but do so seamlessly in California: leg warmers and ballerinas, skirts and just-below-the-knee scrunchy boots.

'Willpower' is a diet buzzword this day in age and therefore, I refrain from using it in my vocabulary. 'Discipline,' on the other hand, is good old-fashioned and yoga friendly. Living under my own roof and left to my own devices, I could certainly use a little more discipline, and so "Discipline" is my current mantra. 
Discipline for me right now means attending yoga regularly, keeping a clean home, hyper-organizing my belongings, celebrating holidays properly and commemorating special events, not googling random crap or celebrity gossip, preparing for bed before I'm too tired, drinking more water, and tackling the doomed and ever-looming wedding photo project. What does discipline mean to you at this moment?

Mr. Julian Kirschenbaum 

If, like J, you have something you would like me to draw or think I should doodle - leave it in the comments or e-mail me! ;)

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