January 20, 2011

A day in the life...

Quick Change: OMG, it's OM glamour!

Yoga to street. Adding a stylish coat and cute booties is a cinch- especially when you are wearing leggings tight all the way down, with no flair. In warm weather, like the summer-ific sun and seventies we've been having here in SoCal, layer a long Tee or breezy dress over your spandexy, ultra bendy attire. The simpler and tinier! your asana outfit underneath the easier it is to dress up. Jewelry is also a great way to take your Lululemon to the street. Or, as I do, wear non-yoga-ish clothes into gentler yoga classes and less pavement pounding tweaking is required. Also recall that a yoga outfit, a shelf bra tank and stretchy pants, fit easily into a roomie purse. Show up five minutes early and d a quick change in the bathroom. More on apres yoga to come!!! Please send me your not-so ashram style, too!

Extra-firm-tofu (from Trader Joe's) two ways:

Both are one-pan dishes! We know what that means, easy clean-up! 1. Bake olive oil brushed and seasoned tofu at 400 for 15min with other veggies of similar size, yams shown. Serve with a large leafy salad. 2. Simmer tofu and other veggies in lite coconut milk with chosen seasoning; zucchini, apple, cayenne pepper and cinnamon above right. Serve over soba noodles. 
Tofu is easy(er) to have on hand than the more perishable poultry/fish/meat. Extra firm tofu is easier to get meat-eaters or picky peeps to eat as it has a dense and chewy, agreeable consistency.

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Charlotte Gillett Barnes said...

Looks like you're in your undies my yogi. I see that it's the camera setting... Just thought I'd comment. Love you Cali Queen.