January 18, 2011


Astrid Parker about-to-be Kirschenbaum at the altar in a confection of a dress. 

Pink and Yellow! Pink and Yellow! and ice blue... The ice cream/sorbet bombe is the simplest layer cake you could dream of concocting. Desired flavors and colors are softened with a mixer one at a time and layered into cake molds, vases or any tantalizingly shaped vessel that can withstand the freezer. Chill the container before filling, and then dip in warm water when dislodging.  

As with all other outfits, remember too, to accessorize your wedding dress. I wore little cashmere gloves like the ones above and removed them when it was time to read vows and exchange rings. I also had a pocket! put into my dress to store my vows and lip gloss...

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Charlotte Gillett Barnes said...

most stunning wedding!! pretty astrid and handsome julian! YES! xoxo.