January 9, 2011

Roll up your mat like your mama taught ya

The true practice of yoga is how we live every moment of every day. You can tell a true yogi not by what they do on their mat, but how, after practice, they roll it up.

Get a fun and crazy yoga mats like the ones below, HERE. They are adorable, but more for the fun of it: I find that Gaiam mats are not very durable or sticky.



Trust Yourself First

Living your yoga: Others can offer us help and advice, but deep inside we know what is best for us. Today consciously choose to trust yourself first when you make a decision.  ~ A Year of Living Your Yoga: Daily Practices to Shape Your Life by Judith Hanson Lasater

I downloaded this book unto my iPhone so at anytime during the day I can retrieve the daily lesson and return to my yoga. The days are laid out in Month/Day format, i.e. 'January 8th', so you can visit the daily lessons as sporadically or regularly as you please.
As we know, technology can be a wonderful aid or a distracting hindrance; my lamentable T.V. time and internet surfing are in dire need of auditing. One rule I always abide by: no commercials. 

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