May 6, 2011


Dhanurasana ~ Bow

Dhanu: Bow

Be sure to protect your low back here, though you may have a bendy spine, don't be a show off! Prevent pain in your sacrum by keeping the knees from splaying out wide. This ballerina could probably take Dhanurasana a lot 'further', bringing her legs and head higher, even together. But she knows that yoga is not about capturing a dramatic picture. She is practicing restraint. Try it. In fact, a lot of ballerinas find yoga later in life and use it to correct a lifetime of over-stretching, their yoga is all about pulling back and pulling it in.

Yoga is all about you. Forget everyone else in the room and do what feels right. I injured myself in this pose during a Bikram class and though it has been years since, I still approach Dhanurasana with caution, if at all. The body remembers.

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